A well-cultured, non-political, non- commercial theatre practice centre.

Welcome to YugagniA well-cultured, non-political, non- commercial theatre practice centre.

In the year 1974, just before facing the threat of emergency, a squadron of young blood met together and decided to stand for the people through cultural platform. Thus Yugagni born. Since then dozens of dreamers are engaged in the forum only comprising their endeavor and sincere desire.

Yugagni, the eminent group of Berhampur, Murshidabad, W.B. is a leading theater culture center of this district having an experience of 75 productions in its bag with near about – 750 shows. Now, they are engaged with the upliftment of the folk-culture & culture of backward classes of this state. They also play on the issues of Sectarianism, Empowerment of Women, and Social Emanciation etc. Regular In-House Theater Training, Workshop, Seminar & Theatre Festivals are some of the footprints of the group.

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Our Works

AMI MEYE of Safdar Hasmi (open-air)
106 performances
BICHHAN of Mahesweta Devi (Full length)
12 performances
DAKGHAR of Tagore (Full length)
9 performances
GANDI of Brecht (Full length)
15 performances
GHUMER MANUSH of Mannan Heera (one act)
70 performances
HATYARE of Safdar Hasmi (open-air)
114 performances
KUTTU of Amrit Shib (one-act)
11 performances
MAA ABHAYA of Brecht (Full length)
35 performances
TEEN PAYSAR PALA of B. Brecht (Full Length)
10 performances