A well-cultured, non-political, non- commercial theatre practice centre.


During the last 39 years, Yugagni has flourished and weakened, but continues to struggle against all the evils of the society provided with the plays by Tagore, B. Brecht, Jack London, Havel, Safdar Hasmi, Mannan Heera, Badal Sarkar, Amrit Shib and so on. More than 75 productions have been performed more than 750 times in almost all the districts of W. Bengal and even in outside the State. Some of the major productions are: -


a) DAKGHAR                       of Tagore (Full length)               9 performances
b) BICHHAN                        of Mahesweta Devi (Full length)               12 performances
c) GANDI                                       of Brecht (Full length)            15 performances
d) MAA ABHAYA                of Brecht (Full length)                       35 performances
e) HATYARE                        of Safdar Hasmi (open-air)                    114 performances
f) AMI MEYE                      of Safdar Hasmi (open-air)                    106 performances
g) GHUMER MANUSH      of Mannan  Heera (one act)                    70 performances
h) KUTTU                             of Amrit Shib (one-act)                      11 performances
i) TEEN PAYSAR PALA      of B. Brecht (Full Length)                    10 performances

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Our Works

AMI MEYE of Safdar Hasmi (open-air)
106 performances
BICHHAN of Mahesweta Devi (Full length)
12 performances
DAKGHAR of Tagore (Full length)
9 performances
GANDI of Brecht (Full length)
15 performances
GHUMER MANUSH of Mannan Heera (one act)
70 performances
HATYARE of Safdar Hasmi (open-air)
114 performances
KUTTU of Amrit Shib (one-act)
11 performances
MAA ABHAYA of Brecht (Full length)
35 performances
TEEN PAYSAR PALA of B. Brecht (Full Length)
10 performances